Young people want a healthy, positive future and they are eager and able to shape it.
Cadwell Collaborative uses this energy and initiative to develop 21st century skills.

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Upcoming Events:

Field Study course at Opal School, February, 2014, in collaboration with Lesley University; Symposium at Opal School, June 2014 where Louise will give the keynote address.
Throughout the year Cadwell Collaborative will host visits to St. Louis partner schools and lead workshops on design of environment and curriculum mapping. Contact us if you are interested. Email Ashley at
I wanted to thank you so much for this week. You challenged my thinking and made me think more deeply about my practices. I look forward to utilizing the tools and strategies that you gave me this week. In particular, I feel that I learned so much more about curriculum maps and the usefulness that they provide, so thank you for all of your insight in helping me understand them more. Lastly, the aspect of the learning this week that made it most significant was the meaningful and emotional connection to all that we are doing. I will remember and practice much of what we discussed because of that thread.

Abby Bucher, Indianapolis Public School Butler Univerisity Laboratory School
Compliments from our Clients & Colleagues:
Louise and Ashley Cadwell have stellar track records for innovation in education. Not only have they and their colleagues transformed their own schools into models of inspired and creative practice, but they have also worked effectively with thousands of educators, public and independent from around the country, to share their expertise. It is exciting and timely that they are now focusing their energy on the critical field of sustainability education.

Pat Bassett, Past President
National Association of Independent Schools

The 21st century demands that students develop new skills, and that schools build on and integrate the traditional disciplines in new and exciting ways. Learners today need to:

• see and appreciate multiple perspectives
• think systemically
• collaborate skillfully
• develop ecological, technological and visual literacy
• design and implement authentic, real-world projects

Cadwell Collaborative works in schools to: 

• create and adapt curricula to develop 21st century skills
• coach faculty to work together on integrated curricula
• cultivate conditions for students to publish excellent work
• design school renovations and new buildings to advance 21st century curricula

Cadwell Collaborative is a pioneer consulting group that provides school leaders and teacher leaders with the tools, ideas, and skills for curricular innovation in pre-K through grade 12 education. We offer resources, workshops, and consulting services in support of systemic change.

We are partners in a national network of innovative schools, educators and community organizations working to learn together toward a sustainable future through The Society for Organizational Learning Education Partnership.

Cadwell Collaborative leadership in schools is founded on the work of creative schools with highly successful results. One example is the municipal school system for young children in Reggio Emilia, Italy that is internationally recognized as one of the best school systems in the world.

From this foundation and others, we have worked over the last 30 years to realize exemplary organizations at The Green Mountain Valley School, The St. Michael School, and The College School.  Cadwell Collaborative joins teams of educators to develop innovative, highly successful schools where students and adults learn and lead toward a regenerative, healthy, sustainable future.


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